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SMEs Credit Program

IN September 1999 SECDA signed two agreements with The Poverty Alleviation Program (PAP) & The Credit Guarantee Company (CGC) to implement a credit program for small and micro-entrepreneurs in Giza Governorate.
Program Objective:
The overall objective of the program is to support Egyptian economic growth and create new job opportunities.

The specific objectives are:
  • Provide loans to support small and micro-enterprises, who have no    collaterals to deal with banks.
  • Create new job opportunities.
  • Strengthen the managerial capacity of small & micro-entrepreneurs.

  • Program Target Group:
    The target beneficiaries are the small and micro-entrepreneurs in Giza Governorate investing from L.E 2.500 up to L.E 40.000, excluding land and premises. Although all kinds of business activities are favored, particular attention is given to manufacturing, artisan and services enterprises, as they are labor-intensive activities.
    Client Basic Eligibility Criteria:
  • Egyptian Nationality working in Giza Governorate.
  • Age between 21- 65 and having previous experience in his work field.
  • Ability to run the business and create new jobs.
  • Having no loan commitments with other programs.
  • Contribute with at least 25 per cent of the amount of the loan request
        in assets or working capital.
  • Loan Size:
    The loan range is from a minimum of L.E 5.000 up to maximum of L.E 40.000.There are five loan categories or loan cycles. In each cycle, the amount has a range along which the repayment periods are fixed. However applications for repeated loans beyond the third cycle are taken into consideration, if needed, according to the feasibility study.
    Repayment Periods and Schedules:
    Depending on the feasibility study and cash flow statements, the repayment period varies between 12 and 24 months. SECDA allows a grace period of not more than three months, according to the project needs.
    Program Working Areas
  • North Giza ( Embaba – Bashtil – Osim )
  • South Giza ( Mounib – Abu Elnomros – Hawamdya – Badrashin – Elsaff )
  • Bolak – Mohandsin – Dokki – Giza –
  • Omranya - Haram – 6 of October – Kerdasa
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