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Confrences, Seminars & Workshops
Event Organizer Date
REXPO 2008 Conference ” Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Social Responsibility” Cosenza - Italy European Commission ME.DIA.T.E Oct 2008
Investment in Human Recourses – Developing Necessity 10th Anniversary of Future Generation Foundation Future Generation Foundation (FGF) Oct 2008
Speaker on the conference of “Self Employment as a tool in solving unemployment Concept & Application” SECDA Conrad - Cairo Sep 2008
Financial Services & Women Economic Empowerment Forum National Woman Council July 2008
Egypt Islamic Finance news Forum Road show 2008 Egypt & Islamic Capital Markets Red Money Group CIMB Islamic June 2008
Effect of Micro-Finance in Egypt Conference – Survey Results UNDP – Planet Finance – SFD – GTZ Planet Finance UNDP June 2008
Advancing Arab Microfinance: Greater Social Impact through Inclusive Financial Systems” Sanabel Annual Conference in Tunis, Tunisia May 6th – 8th! Sanabel Micro-finance Network in Arab Countries May 2008
Second NGOs Forum “ Partnership & Values for Development” Participatory Development Program (PDP) Canadian International Development Agency (PDP) (CIDA) March 2008
“Past, Present & Future: SME Policy in Egypt” Conference – Grand Hyatt - Egypt Ministry of Finance Canadian International Development Agency Feb 2008
Euro-Mediterranean Conference - The contribute of women in the process of Euro-Mediterranean Cosenza - Italy Oct 2007
Speaker on the conference of “ Poverty & Unemployment problems in accordance with the increasing of the economic development rate” SECDA Oct 2007
Financing Opportunities for SMEs in Egypt Conference Small & Medium Enterprises Policy Development Project (SMEPol) GAFI CIDA IDRC July 2007
The Present and The Future of the Microfinance Industry in Egypt Conference EU. FISC Social Funded Project Speaker on The Microfinance Environment in Egypt E.U. – SFD FISC Project July 2007
KFW Best Practice Microfinance Project – SFD/MFS & Commercial International Bank [CIB] Meeting Speaker on the Funding Problems of Micro-finance Programs in the Egyptian NGOs & the Best Conditions of Funding Micro-credit Programs in the Egyptian NGOs SFD/MFS & CIB May 2007
Preparatory Meeting to Develop Model Bylaws for NGO- MFIs in Egypt EMF Project - USAID May 2007
Seminar of “Stronger than Continuity” ADEW[ The association for Development & Enhancement of Women] & the Italian Cooperation in Egypt Speaker on ”The Challenges of Micro-finance Sector in Egypt“ ADEW Italian Cooperation May 2007
Third Egyptian Microfinance Policy Forum The USAID-Egypt Micro enterprise Finance Project & The Egyptian Network for Micro-finance EMF Project USAID April 2007
Second Egyptian Microfinance Policy Forum The USAID-Egypt Micro enterprise Finance Project EMF Project USAID Jan 2007
Euro Mediterranean Dialogue – Meeting of Civilizations Role of Civil Society in development & Peace Cosenza - Italy CIVITAS Med Nov 2006
SMEs Refraining to join the Formal Sector in Egypt Small Enterprises & Community Development Association SECDA Oct 2006
Forum of Micro-finance Policies in Egypt USAID EMEF Oct 2006
Mergers & Acquisition: an Engine for economic Growth Egyptian Young Bankers Association EYBA Sep 2006
Vision & Evaluated Dialogue for Children Employment Phenomenon FDPD Sep 2006
Forms of Partnerships between Banks and NGO & MFIs Egyptian Bank Institute EBI & EQI Sep 2006
SMEs & Development Challenges in Egypt Al- Ahram National Press Institute - LIBERAL LIBERAL Sep 2006
Children Employment between the International Commitments and the Egyptian Situation Forum of Dialogue and Partnership for Development FDPD July 2006
Discussion around the MFIs situation in the Egyptian Low of NGOs & Foundations Egypt Micro-enterprise Finance USAID – EMF - EQI May 2006
Empowering the role of NGOs in Micro-finance Ministry of Social Solidarity MSS & EQI May 2006
Egyptian National Strategy for Micro-finance SFD – UNDP – USAID - EBI CEOSS & SANABEL April 2006
Women’s Economic Empowerment: the Road to Decision Making - The Italian Cultural Center SRC GAD - DAG March 2006
The importance of Micro Insurance for the Micro-finance institutions CEOSS & ESMA Feb 2006
From Conflicts to Reconciliation: the consolidation of dialogue among NGOs and Civil society in the Mediterranean Countries- Malta ONG - Italiane European Union Dec 2005
Euro - Mediterranean Conference on Micro-credit - Italy European Union Dec 2005
Empowering Instruments for Local Communities in the Mediterranean Area – Cosenza - Italy European Union – CIVITAS-MED Nov 2005
SMEs Financing between Banks & NGOs in Egypt Small Enterprises & Community Development Association SECDA Oct 2006
From Micro-credit to Micro-finance Italian Cooperation April 2005
International Seminar to Sort Out Poverty – a chance from micro-credit Italian Cooperation April 2005
The Role of the Civil Society Organizations in Supporting the Human Development Efforts in Egypt SECDA Nov 2004
Cooperation between Egyptian & Italian NGOs Italian Cooperation - Egypt Italian Cooperation Feb 2004
Business Development Services Centers(BDS)- Italian Experiments MOVIMONDO Italy Jan 2004
One Stop Shop for Business Licensing = New Investments and Employment Creation SMEPN March 2004
A proposed Vision for SME Policies Small & Medium Enterprises Partners Network in Dakahlia SMEPN Oct 2003
Youth Employment Summit Hosted by the Arab Republic of Egypt Bibliotheca Alexandria Sep 2002
Project Designing for Business Associations NGO Service Center NGOSC July 2002
SMEs Experiences Exchange - Credit Guarantee Co CGC May 2002
SMEs Development for Export Small Enterprises & Community Development Association SECDA May 2002
Toward a Unified Strategy for SMEs in Egypt (1st International Exhibition for Small Enterprise Technology SETECH March 2002
The Egyptian Traditional Arts and Crafts as a Relative Advantage in Facing International Economical Variations Social Fund Sep 2001
Meeting to discuss draft 2 of the DAG paper with NGOs UNDP Aug 2001
The National Strategy to The comprehensive fighting of the Drugs Phenomenon in Egypt Addition Fighting & Treatment fund AFTF April 2001
Development Programs to alleviate addiction phenomenon between youth Addition Fighting & Treatment fund with Social Fund AFTF April 2001
SMEs Supporting Technology (SMEs As a Proposed Development Strategy) Industrial Group Associates IGA April 2000
The Role of Mutual Guaranty Associations. International Labor Office ILO February 2001
PAP Achievements & Future Plan of Poverty Alleviation Program In Giza & Minia Governorates Poverty Alleviation & Employment Generations Program PAP November 2000
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