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Mediterranean Dialogue through
Empowerment Network

The International Network ME.DIA.T.E. - Mediterranean Dialogue Through Empowerment a non-profit organisation of social utility, was established on 6th of October 2004 as a network of civil societies' associations of 25 Countries of the Mediterranean region within the process of growth of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership.

ME.DIA.T.E. believes that the extraordinary historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the Euro-Mediterranean region is a unifying factor that can improve the level of partnership and a mutual understanding among its members.

In accordance with the Barcelona Declaration, ME.DIA.T.E. acknowledges the need for coordination and joint work among NGOs, the several representatives of the civil societies and all the formal and informal institutions. It understands the importance of a Mediterranean area free from any violence, fully aware that the establishment of lasting relations will lead to reciprocal respect and trust, which can enhance mutual understanding. A deeper dialogue and a better esteem among different cultural identities plays an important role in the realization of a peace process which is essential for a joint development based on analysis, comparison and plans sharing.
ME.DIA.T.E.'s aim is to promote:

* Social justice and solidarity
* Social and cultural development
* Human rights and democratization
* Peace, non discrimination and gender equality
* Decentralized cooperation in the Mediterranean countries
   through the dialogue and the empowerment of civil society
To reach these ends, the Network implements activities which aim at:

  • Promoting the dialogue and networking of civil societies' organizations in the Mediterranean countries through institutional capacity building, education, research and training.
  • Strengthening multicultural dialogue among the populations and the institutions of the Mediterranean countries, by sharing experiences, instruments and resources; Facilitating participation, advocacy and lobbying towards the European and international institutions.
  • Promoting strategies for democracy and peace in the Mediterranean countries at a local, national and international level.
  • Promoting strategies for the development and the cooperation in the Mediterranean region.
  • Facilitating the exchange of information, the access to technologies and to the means of communication.
  • Promote processes of decentralized cooperation with the support of social activities promoted by civil societies.
  • Promoting activities and intercultural exchanges among young people in the Mediterranean countries.
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