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Italian Cooperation
SECDA is the executive body of the Market Oriented Component of the Egyptian Italian Credit Program that aims to facilitate giving loans to SMEs in Giza Governorate starting from September 1999.
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Credit Guarantee Company (CGC)
Through the agreements between PAP, CGC and SECDA, CGC grantees a credit line in the Egyptian Banks to be used by SECDA with leverage of three times of the trustee fund presented by PAP (2.5 million L.E) to use it in implementing the Market Oriented Component.
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Movimondo (Italian NGO)
SECDA participates in the implementation of (Community Development through SMEs Development Project in Giza Governorate) in cooperation with MOVIMONDO to support SMEs in Giza Governorate though establishment of 4 BDCs in 4 CDAs to introduce non financial services for beneficiaries in the fields of (feasibility studies, facilitating the registration procedures and training).
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Mediterranean Dialogue Through Empowement Network (ME.DIA.T.E.)
SECDA participated as one of the founders and elected as a board member in ME.DIA.T.E. Network. ME.DIA.T.E. includes 62 NGOs from 20 Mediterranean Countries. ME.DIA.T.E. aims to promote the dialogue among people and institutions in the Mediterranean Countries through sharing of experiences, resources and instruments
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Social Fund for Development (SFD)
In May 2008 SECDA signed a cooperation agreement with SFD, according to the agreement SECDA started at May 2008 to implement the five year project of Supporting and Developing Micro-enterprises in Great Cairo Governorates.
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