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Social Fund for Development (SDF)

Supporting & Developing Micro-enterprises in Great Cairo

In May 2008, SECDA signed the agreement of implementing the project of “Supporting and Developing Micro-enterprises in Great Cairo Governorates” with SFD which finance the project with the amount of 5 millions Egyptian Pounds.
Project Objectives
  • To provide loans to micro-entrepreneurs who have no collaterals to deal with banks
  • To create new job opportunities
  • To provide the best services to micro-entrepreneurs to help them to live in a healthy life standard
  • Target Groups
  • Micro-entrepreneurs in Great Cairo
  • Parties who want to start up a micro enterprises in production, trading and service fields
  • Unemployed youth
  • Breadwinner woman
  • Criteria of Target Group
  • Egyptian citizen has a project in Great Cairo
  • Age between 21-65 years old
  • Has an enterprise or has enough skills to mange new activity
  • Not committed with any others loans
  • Has a contribution with not less than 25% of the amount of the requested loan in assets or working capital
  • Loan Size
    The project uses the upgrading loan system depending on the feasibility study, client's ability to serve new customers and the chance to create new job opportunities. It's allowed to renew gradually the loan size in which the loan size couldn’t exceed 10.000 L.E

    Repayment Period
    It depends on the project's ability to pay all the loan's installments according to the result of the project’s feasibility study however the loan repayment period doesn't exceed 18 months
    Loan Documents
  • A valid National ID   
  • A copy of rent /ownership contract of the enterprise premises
  • A recent (electricity or telephone or gas) bill for the activity
  • A residence evidence (electricity or telephone or gas) bill
  • It's allowed to request any additional documents to make sure about the client seriousness, especially with the renewal of higher loans.
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