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Consultancy & Technical Assistance Center

CTC had been established and equipped aiming to provide consultancy, training and technical assistance services for SECDA beneficiaries, as well as other organizations, NGOs and institutions.
CTC Mission
We share our technical and practical experiences to develop and support SMEs in Egypt, as we believe that SMEs Sector is an effective driving force in alleviating poverty and creating new job opportunities. Thus through implementing technical support programs and enhancing the capacity building of the other NGOs, CDAs and institutions to insure the social development through an economical aspect.

CTC Activities
* Providing consultancy services and capacity building evaluation.
* Preparing strategic plans and designing programs and proposals
*Preparing economical and social feasibility studies and training needs    assessment, designing and implementing training programs.
* Designing & implementing field survey and preparing impact
For our Clients
* We provide distinguished training and consultancy offers.
* We share success with our clients by integrating knowledge,
   practical experiences, consultancy and technical assistance.
* We support our clients in developing their strategies and the
   growth plans to create an effective developing initiatives.
* We apply our principals directly in planning and managing our
   activities to insure outstanding performance and consistency.
* We offer a selective group of experts, consultants and
   trainers to insure distinguished and integrated services to our
CTC Training Programs
NGOs Capacity Building Training Programs
* TOT Skills for NGOs Staff.
* Communication Skills in Training Programs
* Leader Role in Building and Managing his Team
* HR Planning & Recruiting
* Appraising & Managing Performance for NGOs Staff
* How to be a professional Manager
* Managing of Volunteering Efforts
* Effective Internal Governance
* Communication & Negotiation with Donors.
* Strategic Planning
* Accounting for Non Accountants
* Planning for Financial Sustainability
* Marketing of Non Financial Services
Training Programs for Small & Micro Entrepreneurs
* How to Start a New Project?
* Marketing Skills for Small & Micro-Entrepreneurs
* The Best Way of Using SMEs Resources
* Preparing of SMEs Financial Study
* Preparing of SMEs feasibility Studies
* How to Deal with your Clients ?
* How to Calculate Your Profit ?
Training Programs for SMEs Credit Programs
* Credit Decision in SMEs Credit Programs
* Reporting in SMEs Credit Programs
* Arrears and Default Management in SMEs Credit Programs
* Technical & Personnel Skills for Field Officers in SMEs Credit Programs
* Financial Analyzing and Indicators in SMEs Credit Programs
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